Unfortunately Bogey the maltipoo had to be shaved because of matting, so he decided on a nice punk rock look to match.

Thank you for your business!




Halloween ROCKS!!!  Let your dog join in on the celebration with orange nail polish and blood-red fur!

Pierre is a very cool poodle, and now he’s just plain handsome!

Thank you for bringing him in, and for giving me the opportunity to get creative!



Roxy has extremely sensitive skin, but with some patience and the right tools and know-how she won’t have to suffer through razor burn again!
Roxy is a very cool dog, thank you for giving me a chance to work with her!



Introducing Lupe, the friendly and fluffy maltipoo!

Lupe is so much fun and such a sweetie!

Thank you for your continued business!


Ellie & Braxton

Brother and sister yorkie poos Braxton and Ellie lounge on my couch after a good bath and haircut.

A couple of very sweet dogs, thank you for your business!



The first time I groomed Sadie the Australian shepherd she was very nervous and therefore a difficult dog to groom. After a lot of practice and even more patience, she is now excited to see me and happy to sit still for her haircut.

Thank you for sticking with me, I couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made!



When Toto came to my door she looked like

a character from the Muppet Show!

After a good bath and trim she’s ready for the red carpet!

Thank you for your business!