Hello and welcome!  I am a professional dog groomer with more than 2.5 years experience.  I recently quit a corporate grooming salon to begin working full time from home!  My goal in this venture is to provide excellent dog grooming and bathing services at more-than-reasonable prices.  I have experience with and can handle every dog breed under the sun, from a Chinese Crested to a Bouvier de Flandres, and on.

About me:

I am a young Austinite entrepreneur.  Although originally from a small town in Florida, I have lived and loved Austin for more than 15 years now, and am proud to call it home. When I was first brought home as a baby it was into a house with three dogs and eight cats.  I have always had a passion for pets.  My favorite part of grooming is watching a dog leave my doors happier, healthier, and of course smelling better.

Why regular grooming is so important:

Every dog needs regular grooming attention by a professional.  Even the most loved and spoiled pets can sometimes have issues overlooked.  Dogs with floppy ears are prone to ear infections, some small dogs require regular anal gland expression, and without biweekly brushings long-haired dogs can develop mats easily.  All dogs need to have their toenails trimmed often to prevent arthritis from developing.

My promise:

I became a dog groomer to help dogs and owners in need.  I will never treat an animal with disrespect or cruelty.   I have a pen set up in my groom room for your pet’s safety with a full water dish at all times, but I do not use closed kennels or kennel dryers.  I do not own a muzzle.  I use treats and a lot of patience while dealing with aggressive dogs, and so far in eight months of grooming out of my home I have only encountered one dog I couldn’t win over.


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