The good & the bad news

March, March, what a month…  On March 27th my husband Clayton was in a very bad head-on car collision.  He broke five bones and had to have surgery on his knee.  He obviously will be out of work for a while, and unfortunately our health insurance has been giving us the run-around as well.  So when my old manager called, about two weeks after the accident, and offered me her job…well, I took it.  As much as I have loved getting to know all of my wonderful clients and creating a business for myself, I could never ignore the timing of things.  At this point in my life, job security and benefits sound too good to be true.

So, I bittersweet-ly must tell you all, I will no longer be taking customers at my home.  If you would like to continue services with me, you can find me at Petco in Kyle, TX  (Place page).  If you have a dog that is unable to come to Petco for specific reasons (elderly, no shot records, dog aggressive, etc) you can still find me at 512-771-8756 , and depending on the situation I may be able to squeeze you in at home.

I want to thank you all again for being such loyal customers!  This has been a great experience for me and I hope to see you all in the future!


The Honda Fit that saved Clayton's life


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